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Promote standardized transformation of classroom lighting, Huahui Lighting is taking action!!

Promote standardized transformation of classroom lighting, Huahui Lighting is taking action!!


A bright and uniform lighting environment is the foundation of optimal visual and learning conditions for classroom lighting. Comfortable lighting scenes are an important factor in promoting students' efficient and focused learning. The impact of light on health is beyond doubt. A healthy classroom light environment can also help enhance students' concentration and improve their psychological status.

Huahui Lighting develops and produces eye-care classroom lights and eye-care blackboard lights that emit soft and comfortable light, making classroom lighting more responsive to the needs of modern students' healthy growth. According to the design mode of "9+3" for standard classrooms (i.e., 9 classroom lights+3 blackboard lights), ensure that all lighting indicators are superior to national standards, and create a lighting environment conducive to vision for school teachers and students.

Good classroom lighting design should meet the following standard requirements:

1. Ensure horizontal and vertical illuminance requirements for visual targets. The average illumination value of the desktop shall not be less than 300lx, and the illumination uniformity shall not be less than 0.7.

2. Satisfy color rendering index greater than 80, good glare control (glare value UGR<19), reduce light curtain reflection, protect vision, and improve visual function and visibility levels.

3. It is necessary to guide students to focus on the teaching or demonstration area, while ensuring that the color temperature is between 3300K and 5500K, in order to create a comfortable lighting environment.

4. Lighting control should adapt to different demonstration and teaching situations, and consider the impact of natural light.

5. Classroom lighting should also be safe, reliable, convenient for maintenance and repair, and coordinated with the environment.

Huahui Lighting is specially designed for classroom lighting fixtures - led eye protection classroom lights and led eye protection blackboard lights, which meet national standards and maintain an average (constant) illumination of more than 300lx for desks, with an illumination uniformity of 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx and an illumination uniformity of 0.8; The color rendering index is greater than 90, and the color reversibility is high; Adopt grille anti glare design, with glare value less than 16, not dazzling; The color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the entire classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic flashes or blue light hazards.

Choosing the correct educational lighting fixtures and allocating a reasonable educational lighting system is crucial for the development of schools. As a professional brand in the field of lighting, Huahui Lighting adheres to the concept of healthy lighting environment and is tireless and innovative in the field of educational lighting, providing professional and high-quality educational lighting products and lighting solutions for campuses in multiple regions across the country. In the future, Huahui Lighting will continue to focus on the field of educational lighting, committed to healthy light research, and create a new generation of school lighting environment that is healthy, eye friendly, intelligent, convenient, energy-saving, and comfortable for thousands of teachers and students through high-quality light sources and scientific lighting design!



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