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What is the difference between ordinary classroom lights and eye protection classroom lights? What should be paid attention to in classroom lighting renovation?

What is the difference between ordinary classroom lights and eye protection classroom lights? What should be paid attention to in classroom lighting renovation?


Classroom lighting has a significant impact on the visual health of adolescents. With the rising rate of myopia, adolescent visual health has received widespread attention from society and government departments. In addition, the continuous development and improvement of LED lighting technology research provide more ideas and solutions for classroom lighting. Therefore, classroom lighting transformation not only meets basic lighting needs, but also provides more comfort and eye protection. Visually, being able to see clearly and not tired is a key concern in classroom lighting renovation.

Most schools in China use simple fluorescent lamps for classroom lighting, mostly bare lamps without covers. Ordinary classroom lights cause poor lighting environment in classrooms:

First, the illuminance and illuminance uniformity are generally lower than the national standards. The standard values for eye care classroom lights are above 300LX and above 0.7, respectively. However, the illuminance and illuminance uniformity of ordinary classroom lights cannot be met. If students study in a light environment with low illuminance and poor illuminance uniformity for a long time, it is extremely easy to cause visual fatigue.

Second, most classroom blackboards do not have dedicated classroom blackboard lights, making it difficult for students to see clearly, concentrate, and prone to visual fatigue, leading to myopia.

Thirdly, fluorescent lamps are generally equipped with inductive ballasts, which cause severe flicker. In order to adapt to changes in frequency, the student's visual system may adjust excessively frequently, causing visual fatigue. Lamps in eye protection classrooms require no flicker.

Fourth, the color temperature of fluorescent tubes is too high, usually above 6000K. Due to the excessively white light color and excessive blue light components, it can easily lead to students' hyperactivity, eye fatigue, and even insomnia, endangering physical and mental health. The color temperature of eye care classroom lamps should be kept between 3300K and 5500K, close to natural light, and warm and comfortable.

During classroom lighting renovation, due to a lack of understanding of lighting indicators and lighting technology, it is generally achieved by replacing high-power fluorescent tubes or using ordinary LED lamps to replace the original fluorescent lamps. The following issues alone are the key to myopia prevention and control:

1. By simply increasing the luminous power of fluorescent lamps, the illuminance of classrooms has been improved, but the increase in electrical power is inconsistent with the national promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, and may not meet the standards. Moreover, the problems of stroboscopic light, glare, and potentially harmful blue light have not been effectively addressed.

2. Simply replacing fluorescent lights with LED lights reduces stroboscopic light to a certain extent, but does not solve the problem of insufficient classroom illumination. Glare, uneven illumination, and other issues.

3. Solve the problem of aging and attenuation of light sources. Luminaires will experience light decay after being used for a period of time, and light decay will lead to a decline in lighting quality, and illuminance cannot be guaranteed.

Renovation of standardized classroom lighting

Renovation of 9+3 lamps in a standard classroom:

1. Three blackboard lights ensure that the blackboard maintains an average illuminance of not less than 500lx and an illuminance uniformity of not less than 0.8;

2. 9 classroom lights ensure that the average illumination of the classroom desktop is maintained at more than 300lx, the illumination uniformity is greater than or equal to 0.8, and the glare UGR is less than or equal to 16;

3. Color temperature 5000K, blue off RGO, no stroboscopic hazard, color rendering index greater than or equal to 90, power

The rate density LPD is greater than or equal to 6W/m2

As a promoter of campus lighting and light health, Huahui Lighting has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for 28 years, and is one of the first batch of units to meet the standards for high-quality lighting and light environment in classrooms in South China. It has been awarded the "Top Ten Educational Lighting Brands" in the lighting industry in China for four consecutive years. It strictly controls color temperature, glare, blue light, illuminance, and other issues in educational lighting to avoid harmful lighting to students' visual health.

Huahui Lighting is specially designed for classroom lighting fixtures - led eye protection classroom lights and led eye protection blackboard lights, which meet national standards and maintain an average (constant) illumination of more than 300lx for desks, with an illumination uniformity of 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx and an illumination uniformity of 0.8; The color rendering index is greater than 90, and the color reversibility is high; Adopt grille anti glare design, with glare value less than 16, not dazzling; The color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the entire classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic flashes or blue light hazards.

Use Huahui LED eye care classroom lights and LED eye care blackboard lights, which can be combined with Huahui Education Lighting AIoT intelligent education lighting overall solution. Through independently developed intelligent lighting products equipped with independently developed intelligent boxes (such as intelligent power distribution boxes or intelligent air switches), use intelligent full touch screen scene switches, remote controls, or mobile phone apps to easily switch lighting modes that meet teaching needs, achieving constant illumination throughout the classroom, one-touch scene control Intelligent requirements such as curtain linkage and ultraviolet sterilization!

Classroom is the main place for students to learn, and classroom lighting has become a new battlefield for myopia prevention and control! It is recommended that all primary and secondary schools and institutions (including: public school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, experimental school classroom lighting, educational institutions, etc.) choose the "Huahui Lighting" brand!



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