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To create a comfortable classroom lighting environment that protects the eyes, Huahui Education Lighting is very skilled!

To create a comfortable classroom lighting environment that protects the eyes, Huahui Education Lighting is very skilled!


In recent years, society, parents, and schools have increased their emphasis on classroom lighting. In 2023, the lighting and lighting environment in classrooms will reach the standard. How happy it is for children to learn in a classroom with comfortable lighting and light that protects their eyes.

Classrooms are important places for learning and activities. Lighting and light environments that do not protect the eyes can have an impact on the visual health of adolescents. The key issues affecting the classroom lighting environment mainly focus on six aspects: blue light, stroboscopic light, glare, color temperature, illuminance, and color rendering index.

With comfortable eyes, no visual fatigue, and a pleasant mood, it can stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, improve visual homework efficiency, improve teaching quality, and maintain students' physical and mental health. Therefore, local education bureaus have vigorously promoted the project of upgrading and transforming classroom lighting fixtures in primary and secondary schools into LED classroom eye protection lighting fixtures.

To create a comfortable classroom lighting environment that protects the eyes, Huahui Education Lighting is very skilled! Classroom lighting has become a new battlefield for myopia prevention and control. It is recommended that all primary and secondary schools and institutions (including: public school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, experimental school classroom lighting, educational institutions), classroom lighting OEMs, and licensers choose the "Huahui Lighting" brand!

As a promoter of campus lighting and light health, China Lighting has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for 28 years, and is one of the first units to meet the standards for high-quality lighting and light environment in classrooms in South China. It is also one of the "Top Ten Educational Lighting Brands" in the lighting industry in 2022. It strictly controls color temperature, glare, blue light, illuminance, and other issues in educational lighting, to avoid the harm of poor lighting to the visual health of primary and secondary school students!

Huahui Lighting has designed special lighting fixtures for classroom lighting - LED eye protection classroom lights and LED eye protection blackboard lights, which meet national standards and maintain an average (constant) illumination of more than 300lx for desks, with an illumination uniformity of 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx and an illumination uniformity of 0.8; The color rendering index is greater than 90, and the color reversibility is high; Adopt grille anti glare design, with glare value less than 16, not dazzling; The color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the entire classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic flashes or blue light hazards.

The use of Huahui LED eye-care classroom lights and LED eye-care blackboard lights can be combined with the overall solution of Huahui Education Lighting AIoT intelligent education lighting. Through independently developed intelligent lighting products equipped with independently developed intelligent boxes (such as intelligent power distribution boxes or intelligent air switches), using intelligent full touch screen scene switches, remote controls, or mobile phone apps, it is easy to switch lighting modes that meet teaching needs, achieving constant illumination throughout the classroom, one-touch scene control Intelligent requirements such as curtain linkage and ultraviolet disinfection allow students to enjoy the charm of a smart classroom!

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