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How can we miss such a high-quality blackboard lamp for classroom lighting renovation!

How can we miss such a high-quality blackboard lamp for classroom lighting renovation!


We often hear the design proposal given in the classroom lighting renovation: a standard classroom needs to be equipped with 9 classroom lights and 3 blackboard lights. Many people will ask, isn't the blackboard light the classroom light? In fact, classroom lights in a broad sense do include blackboard lights, but in the classroom lighting transformation design scheme, classroom lights only refer to the lamps that are responsible for illuminating the student desktop and lectern, excluding blackboard lights, because the lighting of the blackboard requires another type of lamp specifically responsible for lighting.

According to GB 7793-2010, the blackboard should be equipped with local lighting to maintain an average illumination of not less than 500lx and a uniformity of not less than 0.8. Some schools do not use dedicated blackboard lamps, even do not arrange blackboard lighting, or use ordinary fluorescent lamp brackets as blackboard lights. This way, most of the lights are not really effectively used on the blackboard, but go to places outside the blackboard, and the average illumination on the blackboard is far lower than the national standard. The blackboard has insufficient light intensity and poor lighting uniformity, and students who cannot clearly see the text on the blackboard are prone to visual fatigue and myopia. In addition, the glare emitted by exposed fluorescent tubes can cause students to have difficulty concentrating, reducing learning efficiency, and easily causing eye diseases such as myopia.

Blackboard lighting should use dedicated LED eye protection blackboard lights with asymmetric strong light distribution characteristics, as the blackboard lights cannot be placed in the vertical center of the blackboard, but can only be placed above the blackboard. To ensure high illumination and uniformity of the blackboard, only LED eye protection blackboard lights with asymmetric strong light distribution characteristics can be used to control the illumination of the part of the blackboard near the blackboard light and the part of the blackboard far away from the blackboard light. In addition, for the installation of LED eye protection blackboard lights, the parallel distance from the blackboard is 0.7m to 1.0m, and the vertical distance from the upper edge of the blackboard is 0.1m to 0.2m. The illumination angle of the blackboard lights should be adjusted to avoid direct glare from the blackboard lights on teachers.

In order to protect the eyesight and health of children and adolescents, Huahui Lighting has introduced a LED eye-care blackboard lamp specifically designed for classroom blackboard lighting. It strictly controls the color temperature, blue light, illumination, and other issues in classroom blackboard lighting, to avoid harmful lighting to the eyes of children and adolescents, making classroom blackboard lighting brighter and more uniform, with more comfortable eyes, and not distracting learning energy due to eye fatigue.

Huahui LED eye protection blackboard lamp, with mature lighting technology and meeting national certification requirements such as CCC and CE, uses RG0 classroom dedicated anti blue light beads for the entire lamp; Ra>90, high color reversibility; The average illuminance of the blackboard is greater than 500lx, and the illuminance uniformity is greater than 0.8; The color temperature is 5000K, and the illumination throughout the classroom is uniform, effectively protecting the eyesight of children and adolescents, and preventing myopia.

Classroom lighting transformation, using the led eye-care blackboard lamp and led eye-care classroom lamp developed and produced by Huahui Lighting, can also be combined with the overall solution of Huahui Education Lighting AIoT intelligent education lighting. Through independently developed intelligent lighting products equipped with independently developed intelligent boxes (such as intelligent power distribution boxes or intelligent air switches), using intelligent full touch screen scene switches, remote controls, or mobile phone APP to easily switch lighting modes that meet teaching needs, Achieve intelligent requirements such as constant illumination throughout the classroom, one-click scene control, curtain linkage, UV sterilization, and so on! It can not only protect the vision health of teenagers and children, but also achieve energy conservation and environmental protection in the classroom. Huahui Eye Care Classroom Lamp and Blackboard Lamp not only make the classroom lighting transformation safe and healthy, but also effectively implement the sustainable development concept of energy.



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