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To protect the health of adolescent vision, school lights are important!

To protect the health of adolescent vision, school lights are important!


With the continuous development of social civilization and science and technology, the vision health problems of adolescents have become more and more prominent, and the choice of classroom lights that protect the eyes safely and healthily has become an inevitable trend of traditional school lighting transformation.

After the Spring Festival, the new semester is coming, as children start school one after another, it is urgent to protect the vision health of teenagers, has your school replaced with a more natural and safe classroom light for eye protection?

How to choose school eye protection classroom lights that are more conducive to students' vision health?

As we all know, inferior lamps will produce blue light radiation that is harmful to the human body, which can easily lead to different degrees of eye diseases such as vision loss. Many bad manufacturers will also fish in troubled waters under the banner of healthy lighting, confusing the public. Prohibiting inferior lamps from entering the classroom from the source can ensure a healthy environment for primary and secondary school classroom lighting.

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High-quality LED classroom eye protection lights should first meet the CCC national certification requirements to ensure quality and safety; Secondly, in terms of product performance, the whole lamp should reach RG0 blue light hazard and achieve no blue light hazard; The color rendering index Ra should be greater than 80 to ensure high color reproduction; The glare value is less than 19, which truly achieves anti-glare; The efficiency of the lamp is greater than 80lm/W, which truly achieves high luminous efficiency; The color temperature should be 3300K~5500K, and the light is soft; In addition, the strobe of the lamp should achieve that the fluctuation depth of the light output waveform meets the "no significant impact", that is, low strobe or no strobe, effectively protecting eyesight and preventing myopia!

After many studies, Hua Hui Education Lighting replaced all the old fluorescent tubes in the classroom with LED eye protection classroom lamps, and installed 9 LED eye protection classroom lights and 3 LED eye protection blackboard lights in each classroom. The renovated classrooms are lightly lit and greatly increase the comfort of students' eyes.


Hua Hui Lighting has designed special lighting fixtures for classroom lighting - LED eye protection classroom light and LED eye protection blackboard light, which meets the national standard classroom desk to maintain an average (constant) illumination greater than 300lx. Illumination uniformity 0.7; blackboard maintains average (constant) illumination of 500lx, illumination uniformity 0.8; color rendering index greater than 90, high color reproduction; using grille anti-glare design, glare value less than 16, not dazzling; color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; the illumination of the whole classroom is uniform, no strobe, no blue light hazard.

First of all, classroom lighting is installed with 9 LED eye-protection classroom lights developed and produced by Hua Hui Lighting, which can change the problems of low illuminance, low color rendering, too high color temperature, and serious glare strobe in traditional classroom lighting, and realize uniform lighting in ordinary classrooms. The eye protection lamps developed and produced by Hua Hui Lighting have the characteristics of no stirkle, no blue light, no glare, etc., which are closer to natural light, which can provide students with a more comfortable classroom lighting environment for eye protection.

In addition, on the basis of installing 9 LED eye-protection classroom lights, each classroom is equipped with 3 LED eye-protection blackboard lights developed and produced by Hua Hui, by adjusting the irradiation angle of the blackboard lamp, the blackboard illumination is uniform, which can not only avoid the direct glare hazard of traditional blackboard lights on teachers, but also help students see the text on the blackboard in a more natural light.

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