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Today's Spring Equinox | Everything happens, so don't let the spring shine

Today's Spring Equinox | Everything happens, so don't let the spring shine


Suddenly, the east wind blows, and the spring equinox arrives as scheduled. Spring is green and everything is reborn. I wish everyone a bright and sunny day, with four seasons of peace and tranquility. Spring is good for everyone, and spring is suitable for everyone.

The vernal equinox is one of the 24 solar terms and the fourth solar term in spring. Douzhimao, with a solar yellow longitude of 0 °, meets on March 19-22 of the Gregorian calendar every year. "The vernal equinox is of great significance in astronomy. On the day of the vernal equinox, the sun shines directly onto the equator, and the day and night in the northern and southern hemispheres are divided equally. Since then, the position of direct sunlight continues to move from the equator to the northern hemisphere. The days in various parts of the northern hemisphere begin to grow longer than the nights, and the southern hemisphere is the opposite.".

On the vernal equinox, the sun shines directly at the Earth's equator, day and night being equal in length. According to the interpretation of Wu Cheng's book "The Interpretation of the Seventy Two Stages of the Moon", "In the middle of February, half of the month is divided, and this is the half of the ninetieth day, so it is called the division.".

"At the vernal equinox, eggs are delicious. On that day every year, tens of millions of people around the world are doing" vertical egg "experiments.". It is difficult to verify why this game, known as "Chinese custom", has become a "world game". However, its gameplay is really simple and fun.

At the spring equinox, we also need to eat spring vegetables. Spring vegetables, as the name suggests, are spring vegetables. In the Lingnan area, there is a custom of eating spring vegetables at the vernal equinox. "Spring vegetable" is a wild amaranth, which is called "spring jasmine" by villagers. On the day of the Spring Festival, the whole village went to pick spring vegetables. When searching in the fields, most of them are light green, thin trees about the length of a palm. Picked spring vegetables are generally "boiled soup" with fish fillets at home, known as "spring soup". There is a slip of the tongue that says, "Spring soup fills the internal organs, washes the liver and intestines. The whole family, young and old, is safe and healthy."

After the Spring Equinox, people have started outings, and kite flying is an important item in outdoor activities. In ancient times, there was also the custom of drinking with hairpins at the vernal equinox. On this day, both men and women, old and young, would fly kites. In ancient times, kites were mostly made of silk or paper in the shape of eagles, so kites were also known as "paper kites" or "paper kites.". Later, kites varied in shape, and most of them were flying swallow kites in spring.

What else do you know about the vernal equinox?



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