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Tomb Sweeping Day | memory of martyrs and civilization sweep

Tomb Sweeping Day | memory of martyrs and civilization sweep


In April, when spring is getting stronger, we have ushered in an important traditional festival and solar term in China - Qingming Festival. Do you know the origin of Qingming Festival at this time of tomb sweeping and sacrifice, remembering ancestors and mourning the dead? What should we pay attention to during the Qingming Festival?

Origin of Qingming Festival

China's traditional Qingming Festival began in the Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2500 years. Qingming is a very important solar term at the beginning. As soon as Qingming comes, the temperature rises, which is a good season for spring farming and spring planting. Therefore, there is the agricultural proverb of "planting melons and beans before and after Qingming" and "afforestation is better than Qingming".

Later, because the Qingming Festival was close to the day of cold food, which was a folk day of fire prohibition and tomb sweeping, gradually, the cold food and Qingming became one. The cold food became not only a nickname of Qingming Festival, but also a custom in the Qingming Festival. On the Qingming Day, there were no fireworks and only cold food. In the north, people only eat cold food prepared in advance, such as jujube cake, wheat cake, etc; In the south, it is mostly qingtuan and glutinous rice sugar lotus root. Every Qingming Festival, people weave wickers into rings and wear them on their heads, and insert wicker branches in front of and behind their houses to show their memory.

Qingming holiday safety reminder

Safety is more important than Mount Tai. In order to spend a safe, orderly, civilized, healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly Qingming Festival.

Online sacrifice to heroes

Since its establishment in 1921, the Communist Party of China has gone through a glorious course of one hundred years. This is a hundred years written with blood, sweat, tears, courage, wisdom and strength. Countless heroes and martyrs have protected our mountains and rivers with flesh and blood.

On the occasion of the Qingming Festival, Guangdong civilization network, together with nanfang.com and Guangdong learning client, jointly launched an online martyr worship activity with the theme of "bearing in mind the glorious history and honoring and remembering the heroes".

Different ways, the same respect, let's pay tribute to the martyrs! They are the backbone of the Chinese nation, and their deeds and spirit are a powerful force to inspire us to move forward.

Qingming memorial is a tradition,

Memory of martyrs is inheritance.

On this special day,

Let's remember and salute together!

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