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Visit from Nigerian customer


HIPPO BUSINESS LINKS LIMITED. Is a big shoe material trading company in Nigeria. And it’s representative Mr Ignatius got in touch with Wallkind on 18th August 2018. He was looking for good quality insole board for Nigeria market. After he studied Wallkind official web, he is interested in our company and product. So he decided to fly to China to visit Walkkind factory. 17th October 2018, the first time Walkkind sales manager Mr Evan met Mr Ignatius. Mr Evan warmly welcome Mr Ignatius and invited him to visit our show room to discuss further business. Ignatius was so happy to see that Wallkind has rich product line of insole board. He selected some samples from the display room and compared with his own sample. Unfortunately he found their materials are different. The samples brought by Ignatius is made of non woven fiber. And walkkind product is cellulose material. But Ignatius did not feel sad at that moment. Because he was attracted by walkkind paper insole board’s quality and performance. He though it would be a potential sales in Nigeria market. So he chose a few model that he tough which might be sold well in his market. And Mr Evan quoted him price for inference. Ignatius though price is more expensive than non woven insole board. But paper insole board with advantage that can not replaced by non woven such as recyclable, green material, light weight, natural PH, good bending property and folding property. Ignatius agreed that and believed his client would like them. But he has to do a market research to confirm which model is suitable for his market. So Mr Evan offered many samples for each model that selected by Ignatius. Then Mr Evan invited Ignatius to visit Walkkind workshop including office building, production line, laboratory, and warehouse. Ignatius was very satisfied with Walkkind’s strength. He was happy to see Walkkind formal production environment and strict quality control. And the stuffs are experienced and skillful. He believed walkkind can supply what he want and he can get quality guarantee from there. After finishing the discussion, Mr Ignatius went back to hotel and brought with Walkkind samples. He left his contact info to Mr Evan for discussing further business.

Walkkind put customer’s satisfaction on foremost. Quality and service are our first concern. We believe more more customer like Mr Ignatius will approve our product and service.

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