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What is the lighting standard for classroom lights? Huahui Education Lighting tells you!

What is the lighting standard for classroom lights? Huahui Education Lighting tells you!


What is the lighting standard for classroom lights?

1. Excellent lighting

The average illumination value on the classroom desk should not be less than 300lx, and the illumination uniformity should not be less than 0.7. Local lighting should be provided on the blackboard of the classroom, with an average illumination level of not less than 500lx and a lighting uniformity of not less than 0.8.

2. Not harsh

The uniform glare value (URG) of the classroom should not be greater than 19. According to data, traditional T8 bracket fluorescent lamps and LED lamps without glare treatment have glare values greater than 20, which can easily cause glare.

3. High color rendering index

The color rendering index of the classroom light source should not be less than 80. According to data, traditional T8 bracket fluorescent lamps and LED lamps without anti glare have a color rendering index of about 70, less than 80, and a color rendering index of less than 80. It will deform the image you see.

4. No flicker hazard

The impact of stroboscopic cues on vision is significant, easily distracting students and reducing learning efficiency. The stroboscopic phenomenon is particularly serious when conventional T8 fluorescent lamps are unstable and the voltage is unstable. When the current is stable, the strobe (fluctuation depth) is also greater than 40%, and the strobe of ordinary strobe lamps is also greater than 20%. Learning time in this environment can also easily cause visual fatigue. The strobe of professional LED educational lighting is less than or equal to 3.2%, far lower than the first two.

5. Moderate color temperature

The lighting of campus classrooms should use a light source with a color temperature of 3300K-5500K. Currently, most professional LED educational lighting fixtures have a color temperature of 5000 K, belonging to warm white light. However, many schools use traditional T8 fluorescent lamps and ordinary LED lamps. Their color temperature exceeds 6500K, which is cold white light.

6. No blue light hazard

Ordinary LED lamps do not undergo anti blue light treatment, but are harmful to human health. Professional educational lighting LED lamps have been professionally processed to achieve a level of exemption from blue light hazards.

What are the bad classroom lighting devices?

1. Poor light quality. The glare in the eyes caused by direct light from the light source is severe, which can easily cause eyestrain for teachers and distract students.

2. The average illumination and uniformity are unqualified and cannot meet the requirements of national standards. At present, the overall illumination level of most school classrooms is not high enough. The average illumination level of classrooms is generally lower than the national standard (national standard ≥ 300LX), and the uniformity cannot meet the national standard.

3. The light source has a low lifespan and severe light decay. Ordinary fluorescent tubes will experience light attenuation after six months of use, resulting in reduced luminous flux and reduced brightness. However, choosing to replace lamps in order to maintain a certain lighting brightness can result in high maintenance costs and resource waste.

4. Traditional lighting consumes high power. Traditional fluorescent lamps have low luminous efficiency, with general fluorescent lamps only having a luminous efficiency of 50 lm/w. Fluorescent lamps emit light at 360 degrees, and the light emitted in the opposite direction has little effect. Although it is reflected back through the lampshade, the reflection efficiency is low.

5. Fluorescent tubes pose a high hazard. Fluorescent tubes contain heavy metal substances such as mercury and phosphor. If the tubes break and leak, harmful substances will remain in the classroom for a long time. The volatilization cycle of mercury can be as long as 50 years, directly endangering the health of teachers and students.

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