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What is the most important thing about lighting transformation in smart classrooms? These parameters are key

What is the most important thing about lighting transformation in smart classrooms? These parameters are key


Statistics show that the number of people with myopia in China has reached 600 million, of which the myopia rate of teenagers is the first in the world. Children and teenagers with myopia need to "brake hard". The document "Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents" clearly points out: "Increase investment to effectively improve the lighting and lighting of primary and secondary school classrooms, the configuration of desks and chairs, and the teaching conditions of blackboard lights, so as to establish a good visual environment for students." The "Code for Design of Lighting in Primary and Secondary School and Kindergarten Classrooms" also puts forward that lighting design should take into account the photobiological effect, and guide dynamic lighting and scene lighting. Writing board lamps in the classroom with projector display terminal shall be controlled by single lamp; Where conditions permit, the intelligent lighting control system should be adopted, which has the functions of intelligent dimming, energy saving statistics, replacement reminder, maintenance and inspection, and can be connected to the existing digital campus network on campus.

When selecting classroom lighting products, the following points are critical: it must have a campus digital management platform, and the brightness of each classroom lamp is automatically adjusted with the ambient light; Automatic detection, automatic reporting and active warning of lamp failure; Classroom lamp is equipped with single power and power consumption monitoring unit; The scene lighting is rich and modifiable; Easy to install, use and maintain; The system is powerful and can be upgraded seamlessly; High efficiency and low standby of intelligent power supply; Low heat, long life, no noise.

Must have a campus digital management platform

Based on intelligent lighting, and based on wireless communication, intelligent perception and distributed intelligent control technology of the Internet of Things, a set of integrated solutions for intelligent environment is built. On the premise of meeting the lighting requirements, multiple subsystems within the classroom are managed in an intelligent way to achieve the overall business capabilities of lighting management, intelligent application, unified maintenance and business closed-loop. The platform can switch on and off the classroom lights regularly, adjust the lighting scene according to the season, view the use of each classroom, and monitor the faults in real time.

The brightness of each classroom lamp is automatically adjusted with the ambient light

The brightness between the window and the inside of the classroom is uneven, and there are dark corners in the corners. If the lights are turned on all day, it will cause waste and even glare. To accurately control the illuminance of each desk and protect the eyes of each student, it is necessary to accurately control the light. So as to realize dynamic health eye care, power saving and energy saving.

The best solution is that each classroom lamp is equipped with an illuminance sensor, which detects that the brightness of the desk is lower than the health standard, and immediately starts the teaching light supplement, and adjusts the brightness of the light as the light outside the window gradually weakens, so as to keep the desk illumination constant. For example, during the period from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., only 30% of electricity is needed to make every desk of teachers reach healthy illumination.

This requires the use of a single light illuminance sensor instead of a single illuminance sensor for the whole classroom, so as to achieve uniform and balanced illumination of students' desks close to and far away from the window.

Automatic brightness sensing changes need to be smooth and smooth without step feeling. The adjustment process can keep the ciliary muscles of the eyes moving naturally, alleviate eye fatigue, and have no sense of change, not because the people are moving light and dark.

Automatic detection, reporting and active warning of lamp failure

The failure of a lamp affects at least 6 students' reading. In the past, electrician inspection or teacher reporting was required, which was time-consuming and cumbersome. The Internet of Things technology can automatically detect and alarm to the school digital platform, accurate and fast.

It can save the patrol work of electricians on campus, automatically report to the system in case of lamp failure, and even directly report to the manufacturer. The manufacturer arranges after-sales personnel to repair at night or on weekends, and the campus can be free of inspection and maintenance.

Classroom light built-in single lamp power and power consumption monitoring unit

If the traditional lamp needs to count the power and monitor the status of the equipment in each classroom, it will be installed with an electric meter or smart socket. The product integration is low, and even needs to break the wall; A large number of smart sockets need to be added to realize lamp power monitoring, which is expensive, complex and prone to problems.

Huahui Education Lighting has specially launched eye-protection classroom lights dedicated to smart classroom lighting: the classroom lights have built-in voltage, power and current monitoring units, which can measure and report wirelessly by themselves, and integrate power consumption and measurement. It is not necessary to add smart sockets or smart meters to separately monitor the power of each smart lamp and make accurate fault analysis.

Rich scene lighting can be modified

Scene lighting can change the light combination and more scientifically cooperate with teachers' blackboard writing, projection, students' self-study, etc.

However, due to the different size of the classroom, the different height of lamps and lanterns to the desktop, and the different number of students, it is necessary to modify the brightness combination in different situations according to the actual situation of the school. Therefore, the system needs to support "scene can be edited and modified". Through the management background, the scene of the whole school, grade and class can be modified one by one.

At the same time, modifying the scene can also solve the problem of "light decay" that the lamps darken year by year. For example, calibrate once after two years of installation, and release the brightness margin of the lamps by adjusting the scene to make up for the light decay in the past two years.

Huahui Smart Education Lighting System is an automatic repair reporting system that can check the operation status, energy consumption and failure of lamps in real time through the cloud platform and mobile APP. The platform can also realize the one-button switch function of lamps and the random switching of scenes. The classroom scene modes include class mode, projection mode, class end mode, lunch break mode, self-study mode, etc. Each lamp has an independent sensor, and adopts a fully distributed architecture for networking. No matter which node has a single point of failure, it will not affect the normal operation of other lamps. Huahui led eye-protection classroom lamp and led eye-protection blackboard lamp can be used together with Huahui intelligent education lighting system to realize intelligent lighting and intelligent sterilization and disinfection, strictly control color temperature, glare, blue light, illuminance and other issues, to avoid the harm of poor lighting to vision health, and to protect children's young eyes and prevent myopia.



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