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How to prevent and control myopia without understanding educational lighting?

How to prevent and control myopia without understanding educational lighting?


According to relevant reports, more than half of adolescents and children in China suffer from myopia, and they are increasingly becoming younger. The classroom, as an important learning place, has a negative impact on students' vision due to the unfavorable lighting environment. Educational lighting, which has emerged as a result of visual health needs, has become a focus of attention.

Traditional classroom lighting often uses fluorescent lamps, which can only meet some basic classroom lighting needs. However, due to the exposure of fluorescent tubes, they can produce strong "glare" problems, which not only have a negative impact on classroom lighting, but also easily cause visual stimulation and distraction for teachers and students. In the long run, it will seriously affect visual health; According to national standards, classrooms should use lighting with a color temperature of 3300k-5500K. Most school classrooms have a color temperature of around 6500K, and the light is too white, which can easily lead to students' irritability, fatigue, and long-term myopia.

Educational lighting is the field of classroom lighting for children and adolescents. In the past five years, the lighting industry in China has improved the quality requirements involved in the entire industry chain from five levels: national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards, and enterprise standards. There are standards including safety requirements, performance requirements, lighting environment requirements, design requirements, installation requirements, hygiene requirements, intelligent requirements, quality grading evaluation, testing methods, and local characteristics.

In terms of academic papers, there have been fruitful achievements in research on lighting and lighting, artificial health spectroscopy, the relationship between lighting and myopia, investigation of classroom lighting environment, lighting requirements for blackboards, layout of classroom spatial lighting environment, learning efficiency, and rhythm.

In terms of certification, emphasis is placed on market access based on CCC, coupled with requirements aimed at "energy conservation and myopia prevention". From product certification, self declaration, to acceptance and delivery. A quality system has been established that includes testing, certification, and supervision and spot checks. The educational lighting we are talking about now is not only about renovating traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures in classrooms, but also building a high-quality lighting environment for the entire classroom. In addition to using eye protection lighting fixtures that meet standards, classroom lighting renovation also needs to achieve reasonable application and energy consumption management of classroom lighting fixtures.

Huahui Lighting, as one of the first units in South China to meet the standards for high-quality lighting environment in classrooms, empowers lighting fixtures through Internet of Things technology, and forms a smart lighting system with "high-precision light sensing sensors+constant illumination lamps", which automatically dims the light. Huahui AIoT Smart Education Lighting can collect real data such as illuminance compliance rate and air quality through a series of self-developed intelligent devices such as smart electric boxes, LED eye protection classroom lights, LED eye protection blackboard lights, and light sensors, and upload them to the cloud platform, forming a set of improved execution and supervision oriented health lighting myopia prevention and control solutions.

As of now, the Huahui Smart Classroom Light Environment System has been implemented in more than 30 provinces including Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shandong, etc., renovating and upgrading over a thousand schools, and creating over ten thousand Huahui eye care classrooms. All primary and secondary schools and institutions (including public school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, laboratory school classroom lighting, educational institutions, etc.) are recommended to choose "Huahuizhaoming".

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