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Is the classroom lighting too dazzling? Huahui Education Lighting to Solve!

Is the classroom lighting too dazzling? Huahui Education Lighting to Solve!


According to relevant data released by the World Health Organization, over 600 million people in China have myopia, especially adolescents and children. In recent years, the issue of eye health among adolescents has received increasing attention

How to protect the visual health of teenagers? In addition to improving eye habits, the most important thing is to optimize the optical environment in teaching scenarios. Based on this, the GB 40070-2021 "Hygienic Requirements for Myopia Prevention and Control of Children and Adolescents' Learning Articles", drafted by the Regulations Department of the National Health Commission, the Disease Control Bureau, and the School Health Standards Professional Committee of the National Health Standards Committee, specifies in detail the relevant standards for lighting fixtures in ordinary classrooms.

Building healthy and scientific lighting products and providing users with a comfortable and good eye environment have been the unremitting pursuit of Huahui Education Lighting brand since its establishment. Nowadays, in order to provide a good eye environment for teenagers, Huahui Lighting has comprehensively launched a comprehensive eye care intelligent education lighting solution, and is in line with the development trend of modern lighting products, further improving intelligence and truly achieving "good lighting, good vision".

Teenagers are in a critical period of human growth, and the impact of school classrooms as a long-term living environment cannot be ignored. Huahui's full eye care intelligent education lighting scheme aims to provide them with a good growth environment from the optical environment. Huahui Education Lighting, through professional control and continuous research and development upgrades, provides a comprehensive eye care intelligent education lighting scheme in terms of illumination, color temperature Good performance in terms of color rendering index and other aspects that are higher than national standards can create a better and more comfortable eye environment.

In terms of illumination, according to national standards, the average maintained illumination value on the classroom desks should not be less than 300lx, and the uniformity of illumination should not be less than 0.7; The classroom ceiling should be equipped with local lighting, with an average illumination value of not less than 500lx and an illumination uniformity of not less than 0.8. Uneven or uneven illumination can easily cause visual fatigue, leading to the development of myopia. By using high-quality light sources, excellent illumination, and uniform distribution of light sources, Huahui Education Lighting's classroom lighting fixtures can effectively avoid issues of low illumination and uneven illumination.

In terms of color temperature, national standards indicate that classrooms should use light sources with temperatures ranging from 3300K to 5500K. Huahui Full Eye Care Education Lighting LED fixtures control the color temperature to around 5000K. The adjustable color temperature close to natural light can provide students with a more comfortable reading and writing environment, avoiding problems such as pressure caused by high color temperature and laziness and drowsiness caused by low color temperature. They are bright but not dazzling.

In addition, many LED lighting fixtures may have issues with "flicker" and blue light hazards. Strobe refers to the number of times a light source flashes per second, and the higher the strobe, the greater the impact on vision. If the eyes are exposed to such lighting for a long time, it may cause headaches, eye fatigue, decreased vision, and even photosensitive epilepsy, while blue light can pass through the pupils and damage the optic nerve. These two issues have an undeniable harm to vision. Huahui Full Eye Care Education Lighting LED fixtures have undergone professional processing and reached the exemption level for blue light protection. They can achieve "no glare, no flicker, and no blue light hazards" while achieving a color rendering of 90, far higher than the national standard requirement of no less than 80.

Nowadays, intelligent living is gradually changing people's original lives. With the arrival of the 5G era, from appliances and intelligent door locks to intelligent lighting and intelligent switch controllers, intelligence is also the main direction for the development of future educational lighting. In terms of intelligent optical lighting, Huahui Education Lighting has already achieved relatively mature research and development results.

Huahui Intelligent Education Lighting Products, combined with independently developed smart boxes, can achieve four intelligent control modes: button control, mobile app, voice command, and smart panel, greatly optimizing the traditional single and repetitive control mode of product control, while allowing users to achieve personalized settings for specific scenarios.

The six major advantages of Huahui Lighting, including excellent illumination, high color rendering, moderate color temperature, no flicker, no glare, and no harm from blue light, enable Huahui Lighting to greatly optimize the eye environment for teenagers, thereby reducing the risk of myopia. Not only that, Huahui Education Lighting is actively researching and exploring intelligent panels, intelligent environments, and other fields. Users can easily switch between the intelligent scenes required for teaching through Huahui Education Lighting intelligent control panels and mobile apps.


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